Install instructions

There are two methods to install linaro builds:

Using pre-built image

 # Insert SD card and note the assigned '/dev/sdX' or '/dev/mmcblk0'
  $ dmesg

  $ SDCARD=/dev/sdX # sdcard found from dmesg above
  $ URL=
  $ curl $URL | gunzip -c | sudo dd bs=64k of=$SDCARD
Note: Windows users may use the Image Writer for Windows

Building a Custom Image

 # Get artifacts
  $ wget

  # Get linaro image tools
  # method 1: using binary package for Ubuntu (PPA)
  $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools
  $ sudo apt-get update
  $ sudo apt-get install linaro-image-tools
  # method 2: using source code
  $ wget

  # Insert SD card and note the assigned '/dev/sdX' or '/dev/mmcblk0'
  $ dmesg

  # Create media
  $ sudo linaro-android-media-create --image-file mmc.bin --image-size 2000M --dev vexpress --system system.tar.bz2 --boot boot.tar.bz2 --userdata userdata.tar.bz2

  # Untar boot tarball
  $ tar -jxvf boot.tar.bz2

  # To Run on big.LITTLE
  $ RTSM_VE_Cortex-A15x4-A7x4 -a coretile.cluster0.*=boot/img.axf -C motherboard.mmc.p_mmc_file=mmc.bin  -C coretile.cache_state_modelled=0

  # To Run on big.LITTLE with semi-hosting
  $ RTSM_VE_Cortex-A15x4-A7x4 -a coretile.cluster0.*=./boot/img.axf -C motherboard.mmc.p_mmc_file=mmc.bin -C coretile.cache_state_modelled=0  -C coretile.cluster0.cpu0.semihosting-enable=1   -C coretile.cluster0.cpu0.semihosting-cmd_line='--kernel ./boot/zImagewithDT --initrd ./boot/Initrd -- console=ttyAMA mem=512M mem=512M@0x880000000 androidboot.console=ttyAMA0 earlyprintk init=/init'

  # To Run on A15 Simulator with semi-hosting
  $ $(PATH_TO_RTSM)/bin/RTSM_VE_Cortex-A15x4 boot/linux-system-semi-A15.axf -C motherboard.mmc.p_mmc_file=./mmc.bin -C cluster.cpu0.semihosting-cmd_line="--kernel ./boot/uImagewithDT --initrd ./boot/Initrd -- console=ttyAMA mem=512M mem=512M@0x880000000 earlyprintk init=/init"

  # To Run on A15 Simulator without semi-hosting
  $ $(PATH_TO_RTSM)/bin/RTSM_VE_Cortex-A15x4 boot/linux-system-A15.axf -C motherboard.mmc.p_mmc_file=./mmc.bin


For more information on how to use this builds please see the Linaro wiki at:

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