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text linux-linaro-stable-3.9.4-2013.05.manifest 30-May-2013 12:52 1.2K open
application/x-tar linux-linaro-stable-3.9.4-2013.05.tar.bz2 30-May-2013 12:57 82.2M open

  • based on 3.9.4 stable tree
  • generic vexpress TC2 support from ARM LT (no big.LITTLE MP, IKS, and arm64)
  • MCPM patches for TC2
  • big-LITTLE-MP-master-v16 (same version as in linux-linaro 13.04 release)
  • generic IKS support from Nicolas Pitre
  • IKS TC2 patches (the TC2 patches missing from the generic IKS topic were cherry-picked from the , v3.9-master branch; v3.9-master branch is based on ARM LT’s integration-android-vexpress when it was based on v3.9)
  • core config fragments from linux-linaro 13.04 (linaro-base.conf, ubuntu-minimal.conf, big-LITTLE-MP.conf)
  • perf tools: fix to make perf to build in 3.9 kernel
  • builddeb tweaks to enable kernel cross build with deb-pkg, and to ensure that the DT blob is built and packed properly into the kernel image package.

Fixed in this release

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Known issues

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