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text vexpress64-openembedded_minimal-armv8_20130719-403.html 23-Jul-2013 03:20 3.5K open
other vexpress64-openembedded_minimal-armv8_20130719-403.img.gz 23-Jul-2013 03:20 62.7M open
other vexpress64-openembedded_minimal-armv8_20130719-403.img.gz.zsync 23-Jul-2013 03:20 2.8M open

Linaro releases monthly binary images for the ARMv8 fast models.

For support matters related to ARMv8 fast models downloaded from ARM sites, please contact ARM support

This release includes Linaro OpenEmbedded images for Foundation and Virtual Express fast models. Sources are also made available so you can build your own images.

Where To Find More Information

More information on Linaro can be found on our website.
More information on running ARMv8 images can be found at Linaro Engineering: ARMv8 activity page.

Feedback and Support

Subscribe to the important Linaro mailing lists and join our IRC channels to stay on top of Linaro development.

  • Linaro Development mailing list
  • Linaro IRC channel on at #linaro

Changes in this release

  • Set libjpeg-turbo as the preferred provider for jpeg
  • Update to Linaro GCC 4.8-2013.07 release
  • Switched builds to use Linaro versions of binutils and eglibc (2.17)

Known Issues

Linaro OpenEmbedded images are made up of two components. The Linux kernel file with boot wrapper shim and a Root file system (RootFS) image of your choice.

Using pre-built image


  • Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit or newer on your desktop PC (
  • Foundation or Virtual Express fast model (Linaro ARMv8 Engineering)
  • This release pre-built image, which you can downloaded from the above list.

Installation Steps

  • Unzip the downloaded pre-built image

Booting the image

./Foundation_v8 --image img-foundation.axf \
  --block-device vexpress64-openembedded_IMAGENAME-armv8_IMAGEDATE-XYZ.img \
  --network nat

Initial setup

mkdir openembedded
cd openembedded
git clone git://
cd jenkins-setup
git checkout release-13.07
cd ..
sudo bash jenkins-setup/
bash jenkins-setup/

This will clone all required repositories and does initial setup.

Do a build

cd openembedded-core
. oe-init-build-env ../build
bitbake bash

Of course you can use other targets instead of “bash”. Use “linaro-image-minimal” to build simple rootfs.

Usable build targets

  • linaro-image-minimal – very minimal rootfs
  • linaro-image-lamp – LAMP stack and toolchain