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application/x-tar edk2-uefi_0.1+git24+20130919+cad2305.orig.tar.bz2 19-Sep-2013 15:23 30.9M open
application/octet-stream fwbl1_5250.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 8.0K open
application/octet-stream fwbl2.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 16.0K open
application/octet-stream uefi_arndale.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 2.6M open
application/octet-stream uefi_fvp-base.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 2.5M open
application/octet-stream uefi_panda.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 1.0M open
application/octet-stream uefi_rtsm_ve-aemv8.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 3.0M open
application/octet-stream uefi_rtsm_ve-ca15.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 3.0M open
application/octet-stream uefi_rtsm_ve-ca9x4.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 3.0M open
application/octet-stream uefi_v2p-ca15-tc1.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 2.5M open
application/octet-stream uefi_v2p-ca15-tc2.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 704.0K open
application/octet-stream uefi_v2p-ca5s.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 2.5M open
application/octet-stream uefi_v2p-ca9.bin 19-Sep-2013 15:23 2.5M open

Linaro releases monthly binary images of UEFI, based on the Tiaoncore project.

Tianocore baselines

The Linaro UEFI tree is based on the following upstream versions of code from Tianocore:

  • edk2 at subversion revision 14628

The latest version of the EDK2 code contains support for aarch64 plaforms upstream.

Platform Support

Platforms currently supported include:

  • Versatile Express A5/A9/TC1/TC2, RTSM A9×4 and A15×1, A15 MPCore and FVP Base models.
  • Samsung Arndale
  • TI Beagleboard
  • TI Pandaboard

Fixed in this release

The following issues were fixed in this release:

Known Issues

The following issues were unresolved in this release:

  • LP: #1157372 FAT file system crashes when creating new file or directory within the UefiShell or EdkShell (microSD Card)
  • LP: #1166301 Arndale port uses an embedded copy of the GIC library
  • LP: #1179461 UEFI: TC2: booting from A7 core causes boot failures due to MMC/SD timeouts
  • LP: #1163341 Ax88772 drivers assume CPU is Little-Endian
  • LP: #1157203 UEFI: TC2: Shell cannot write to SD card when booting from A7 core
  • LP: #1166364 UEFI: VExpress 4xA9 support not bindings compliant
  • LP: #1057164 Panda UEFI is not ready for real deployment
  • LP: #942155 UEFI: TC2: copy/paste doesn’t work over serial port
  • LP: #1117464 UEFI/TFTP: server must provide a filename in DHCPOFFER
  • LP: #1131141 UEFI: arndale does not store Boot Device config
  • LP: #1161355 Arndale port console should use SerialDxe
  • LP: #1174318 SetVirtualAddressMap ASSERT failure in DEBUG build
  • LP: #1192941 Lava : vexpress-tc2-01 and vexpress-tc2-benchmark jobs are running incomplete due to various reasons
  • LP: #1192963 UEFI: origen: BSP doesn’t compile