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The Linaro Platform team is pleased to announce the 2013.10 release of the Linux Linaro.

Interesting changes include:

  • based on linux-linaro-core-tracking tree, llct-20131015.0 tag:
    • based on v3.12-rc5
    • gator version 5.16 (new version)
    • new linaro-android-3.12 topic by John Stultz. Based on experimental android-3.10 AOSP branch
    • new uprobes-v2 topic. Based on v2 of the “uprobes: Add uprobes support for ARM” patch set by David Long
    • updated big-LITTLE-pmu, iks, iks-cpufreq, and interactive-gov-updates topics from ARM LT
    • updated basic Capri board support from Broadcom LT (GPIO, sdhci, usb, i2c, ...)
    • builddeb-tweaks topic: “builddeb: add arm64 in the supported architectures”
  • new topic to support k3v2 board from Hisilicon LT
  • updated big endian topic
  • updated Versatile Express patches from ARM LT
  • updated arndale/exynos patches from Samsung LT
  • vexpress64 support (both RTSM and Foundation model)
  • config fragments changes:
    • distribution.conf: add more netfilter configs for the ltp networking iptable test
    • linaro/configs: add hugepage config fragment
    • hi3xxx.conf: disable THUMB2_KERNEL
    • configs: add config fragment for Hisilicon Hi36xx/Hi37xx based boards
    • configs: create multi_v7.conf to track multi_v7_defconfig
    • omap2plus.conf: sync up with omap2plus_defconfig from 3.12-rc3
    • highbank.conf: enable CONFIG_HIGHMEM and CONFIG_HIGHPTE (fix 1G limit)
    • linaro/configs: arndale: Enable USB3503 HSIC driver

Fixed in this release

  • LP: #1240028 lock up related to CONFIG_CPU_IDLE on TI Panda 4460 Linux Linaro ubuntu

Known issues

  • LP: #1202373 wl12xx drivers missing from PandaBoard hwpack

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