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application/x-tar linaro-saucy-server-20140126-627.config.tar.bz2 05-Feb-2016 17:12 5.9K open
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text linaro-saucy-server-20140126-627.sha1sums.txt 05-Feb-2016 17:12 429 open
application/x-tar linaro-saucy-server-20140126-627.tar.gz 31-Mar-2016 14:36 131.2M open
other midway-saucy_server_20140126-596.img.gz 31-Mar-2016 14:36 197.9M open
other midway-saucy_server_20140126-596.img.gz.zsync 05-Feb-2016 17:12 6.0M open

Linaro releases monthly Ubuntu based images for the Highbank platform.

About the Linaro Ubuntu Highbank Release

This release includes Linaro Ubuntu images, and boots on the Highbank server.

Where To Find More Information

More information on Linaro can be found on our website.

Fixed in this release

None listed.

Known issues

  • LP: #1274452 midway board boot failed on Linux Linaro ubuntu

Feedback and Support

Subscribe to the important Linaro mailing lists and join our IRC channels to stay on top of Linaro development.

  • Linaro Development mailing list
  • Linaro IRC channel on at #linaro

  • Bug reports should be filed in Launchpad against the individual packages that are affected. If a suitable package cannot be identified, feel free to assign them to Linaro Ubuntu project.
  • Questions? ask Linaro.
  • Interested in commercial support? inquire at Linaro support

There are two methods to install linaro builds:

  1. using pre-built image
  2. creating your own image with linaro image tools

Using pre-built image

Download the image and flash the hard disk

curl $URL | gunzip | sudo dd bs=64k of=$DISK

Creating your own image

Get artifacts


Get linaro image tools

  • method 1: using binary package for Ubuntu (PPA)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linaro-image-tools
  • method 2: using source code

Create media

sudo linaro-media-create --mmc /dev/sdX --dev midway --hwpack hwpack_linaro-midway_20140126-596_armhf_supported.tar.gz --binary linaro-saucy-server-20140126-627.tar.gz


For more information on how to use this builds please see the LAVA documentation here.