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About Linaro newlib

Linaro newlib is a release of the newlib C library with bug fixes and enhancements for ARM platforms. newlib is a small footprint C library designed for embedded systems.

Linaro newlib 2.1.0 2014.02

The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the 2014.02 release of Linaro newlib 2.1.0, the first release in the 2.1.0 series. This release is based on the latest upstream newlib trunk, but with additional features and bug fixes.

Additional Features

  • Resync with upstream newlib trunk
  • Add specs file for ARM validation model
  • Provide ftruncate() and truncate() stubs for ARM and AArch64

Bug Fixes

  • Documentation build fixes


Release Tarball


Development Tree

  • git://

This release was built from the linaro_newlib-2_1_0-2014_02_release tag.

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