MediaTek X20 Pro 17.03 release


Update the latest code source, include alps.tar.gz/kernel.tar.gz and their md5.


Update the latest documents and tools for github.

NameLast modifiedSizeLicense

Parent Directory Parent Directory
application/x-tar mediatek-x20Pro-aosp-17.03-code.tar.xz 03-Mar-2018 00:34 1.8G linaro
application/x-tar mediatek-x20Pro-aosp-17.03-image.tar.xz 03-Mar-2018 00:35 297.5M linaro
text release_date.txt 28-Feb-2018 17:23 13 linaro
text release_note.txt 28-Feb-2018 17:23 1.2K linaro
application/x-md5 sla.md5 28-Feb-2018 17:23 45 linaro
application/x-tar sla.tar.gz 03-Mar-2018 00:36 390.5M linaro
text sla_readme.txt 28-Feb-2018 17:23 100 linaro