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The Linaro QA Team is pleased to announce 2014.11 release of the Linaro Test Suites.

Linaro Test Suites

Linaro Test Suites is a package that contains test suites that can be run in LAVA. The complete index of available test cases is published on Linaro Wiki.
The package contains sources that are available from git repository
Problems found in the test suites should be reported to Linaro Test Suites project in Linaro Bugzilla



  • POSIX Compliant Update.
  • lookup-eth: POSIX Compliant Update.
  • android: Binder test description updated
  • ubuntu: Add test to get Device timings of block devices.
  • android: fixed boot time script
  • iks-smoke-test: Adding new test definition for big.LITTLE IKS
  • android: Bionic Libc test description updated
  • android: Cachecoherency test description updated
  • ubuntu: add dedicated usb test case
  • android: Busybox test description updated
  • iperf: Add iperf.yaml for both OE & Ubuntu
  • android: add command line dns check test with ping command
  • android: big.little test description updated
  • android: 0xbench test description updated
  • android: added boot time test case
  • piglit scripts: POSIX Compliant Update
  • Add Milosz Wasilewski and Koen Kooi as maintainer to OpenEmbedded tests
  • wifi-enablement.yaml and Delete
  • android: update test definitions for piglit test
  • KVM: add license and
  • Fix tab spaces in code.
  • sysbench: Add sysbench.yaml for both ubuntu & OE
  • Delete
  • POSIX Compliant Update & Other Minor Issues Fix.
  • POSIX Compliant Update.


  • no changes