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About Linaro binutils

Linaro binutils is a release of the GNU binutils with bug fixes and enhancements for ARM platforms. GNU binutils is a collection of tools including the ld linker and as assembler.

Linaro binutils 2.24.0 2014.11-2

The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the 2014.11 release of Linaro binutils 2.24.0, the eighth release in the 2.24 series. This release is based on the latest GNU binutils 2.24 stable branch, but with additional features and bug fixes.

Additional Features

  • ARM: Add Cortex-A17 support
  • AArch64: Add LSE instructions
  • AArch64: Support generic access to system registers with mrs and msr
  • AArch64: Add ThunderX support to gas

Bug Fixes

  • ARM: Fix build failure on non-C99 systems
  • ARM: Emit an error if merging attributes failed
  • AArch64: Fix a bogus assertion in gas
  • AArch64: Clean up docs and document -mcpu and -march
  • AArch64: Cortex-A53 erratum 835769 linker workaround


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This release was built from the linaro_binutils-2_24-2014_11-2_release tag.

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