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The LAVA team is pleased to announce the 2015.12 release of the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA).

About the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) Release

These source code releases are provided for users who want to package LAVA for distributions.

Debian or Ubuntu users (Unicorn or later) can simply install LAVA directly using their package manager.
The updated packages will be available after a short delay. More information and status can be found on the Debian Package Tracking System:

Packages will automatically migrate into Debian Stretch (testing) and then
be backported to Debian Jessie backports.

This release is not available for Ubuntu Trusty 14.04LTS. For
more information see

Interesting changes include:

  • lava-server

  • Improve compatibility unit test
  • Update docs on distributed deployments
  • Allow QEMU devices to use tap interfaces.
  • Update docs for kvm-deploy
  • Add a note to always build on the same suite.
  • LAVA-444 – drop order_with_respect_to
  • Fix deprecation warnings – RemovedInDjango19Warning
  • LAVA-430 – drop django-openid-auth requirement
  • Fix issue with a mixed queue, json and pipeline.
  • Correct the nesting of braces for JSON jobs.
  • LAVA-429 – Update google_analytics for django1.9
  • Query app, take 4.
  • LAVA-426 remove trusty notes in master branch
  • Add base nfsroot_args to panda device type
  • Fix deprecation warnings – RemovedInDjango19Warning
  • Fix google analytics app, model warning.
  • LAVA-378 – Investigate support for dry-run migrations
  • Fix dates in image report tables.
  • Modify doc images to reflect latest changes.
  • Remove reference to bootstrap JS file since we use local one.
  • Add more job pages.
  • Fix internal server error observed in django 1.7.
  • LAVA-346 Validate worker config in refactoring
  • LAVA-407 Fix crash on empty worker_host
  • Checksum support is documented
  • LAVA-124 New scheduler menu item, active-jobs
  • Remove unsupported geo within LAVA team.
  • Implement and document connection timeout support
  • Drop the outdated htdocs
  • Remove unused imports and resolve username
  • Fix get_pipeline_device_config API.
  • LAVA-404 – handle changes from python-testtools
  • LAVA-379 – Device dictionary templates for nexus devices
  • prompts filed is added to boot action
  • Fix QueryConditionForm fields
  • Apps using contrib.auth need migrations.
  • Uglify js files.
  • Handle failure to parse a job
  • Fix issues in release branch for django1.8
  • Fix issues with django1.8
  • Allow comparison against staging branch
  • Add prompts to results test job.
  • LAVA-332: Remove test_image_prompts list from device configuration
  • LAVA-186 support for structured logging
  • Document the requirement for specifying the prompts for boot actions.
  • Enable passing of nfs options to other nfs devices
  • Add documentation on persistent NFS

The lava-dispatcher refactoring has merged a series of changes into the
master branch of lava-server.

  • lava-dispatcher

  • Fix up network settings
  • Increase ramdisk load address on highbank
  • Add device-type for omap5uevm board
  • LAVA-175: unittest for missing test action is added
  • _get_default_nic_ip_by_ifconfig: make patter more exactly
  • LAVA-91 Clarify timeout handling.
  • Use flock close option so that the child process does not hold the lock
  • Allow to support setups with multiple partitions
  • Complete the removal of test_image_prompts
  • Match device dictionary that will be obtained from lava-server templates.
  • Validate if fastboot device serial number is set.
  • Politely close telnet connections
  • Increase ramdisk load address on odroid-xu3
  • android: remove _setup_adb_over_usb references
  • Fix a typo in variable name.
  • LAVA-359 – Unit test for fastboot actions
  • LAVA-176: Validate user submitted checksums
  • LAVA-333: Check list of supplied prompts for likely errors
  • Remove wait_for_prompt() from AutoLoginAction
  • Extend AutoLogin Action to set a useful prompt
  • .gitignore is expanded with patterns for Vim
  • LAVA-1711 persistent NFS support
  • LAVA-2198 Implement UEFI Menu support for mustang

The release is also available via tags in the LAVA git repository: 2015.12 2015.12

More information on LAVA is available at

LAVA Unit Tests can be found here


Documentation is installed alongside each LAVA instance using the lava-server-doc package. Click the Help link.

Online documentation is available at website

Fixed in this release

  • Bug:#1812 – ImageReports2 – Date and Build number in tables do not work
  • Bug:#1888 – astboot flock mechanism does not handle cases where the fastboot process hangs.

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