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application/x-tar lava-dispatcher-2015.8.1.tar.gz 13-Jan-2018 05:11 319.1K open
application/x-tar lava-server-2015.8.1.tar.gz 13-Jan-2018 05:11 7.3M open

The LAVA team is pleased to announce the 2015.8 release of the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA).

About the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) Release

These source code releases are provided for users who want to package LAVA for distributions.

Debian or Ubuntu Unicorn users can simply install LAVA directly using their package manager.
The updated packages will be available after a short delay. More information and status can be found on the Debian Package Tracking System:

Packages will automatically migrate into Debian Stretch (testing) and then
be backported to Debian Jessie backports.

This release changes the tag syntax to not use leading zeros as per PEP-440. Subsequent
releases will also follow this pattern.

Interesting changes include:

  • lava-server

  • LAVA-1904 – Initial documentation for LXC device type.
  • Add note on using the production-repo
  • Fix bug #1718 – Installation in Ubuntu Trusty fails with DB migration
  • Improving the kvm deploy docs
  • Improve remote worker database configuration docs
  • Bug 1707 – document that roles must be unique.
  • Allow multinode test to proceed if no loop device
  • Further output_dir protection
  • Update image of heartbeat django administration
  • Fix android documentation with latest schema changes.
  • Update Developer Guide for version string change
  • Add buttons to and back for running and longest jobs.
  • LAVA-2209 – Command line to add superuser to an existing user
  • Catch an empty output-dir
  • Add a table for running devices and jobs
  • Refuse to reserve devices which are not Idle
  • LAVA-2221 – Add documentation for switch user
  • Raise alert for idle devices with a current job
  • Job cannot be ready if device is not reserved
  • Fix warning during unit test run of dashboard_app.
  • Improve longest running jobs table
  • Fix bug #1219 – On device/job/device-type have a link to the admin page
  • Move from simple reliance on dates

The lava-dispatcher refactoring has merged a series of changes into the
master branch of lava-server.

  • refactoring changes
    • Ensure a disabled worker stays disabled.
    • Fix root@linaro prompt support
    • Clarify the use of exclusive devices
    • Document disabling of lava-master on workers
    • LAVA-1888 submission validation checks
    • LAVA-2226 Document current dispatcher requirement
    • Add tests for submissions which fail validation
    • Ensure the ssh port results in a string in the YAML.
    • Add a note to clarify ssh authorize
    • s/authorise/authorize/ to be consistent.
    • Add static metadata to the NamedAttributes table.
    • Add docs on what is a device type
    • Entries in named_attributes table need to be unique by all 3 params.
    • Add a panda template
    • LAVA-2097 – add notes on authorising SSH
    • Implementing primary and secondary connections

  • lava-dispatcher

  • Bug-1629 enforce string handling in _find_dir
  • Fix missing change in ebd5a1
  • Add the bootfstype field in the job definition file
  • Enabling decompression on image download for fastmodels
  • Support updated u-boot-omap
  • Move from simple reliance on dates
  • LAVA-1903 – Implement legacy LXC device type.

  • refactoring
    • Improve error message when unpacking modules
    • Fixup remaining unittest skip operations
    • Fix logic in the schroot skip
    • LAVA-1834 – Support .xz tarballs for nfsrootfs
    • Use a check which does not raise an exception
    • LAVA-2226 TFTP directory fix in pipeline
    • LAVA-1853 – ensure a predictable locale
    • LAVA-2097 – authorise secondary connections
    • Allow the job to specify the shell connection prompt
    • LAVA-1806 Primary and secondary connections
    • Fix boot wait

The release is also available via tags in the LAVA git repository: 2015.8 2015.8

More information on LAVA is available at

LAVA Unit Tests can be found here


Documentation is installed alongside each LAVA instance using the lava-server-doc package. Click the Help link.

Online documentation is available at website

Fixed in this release

  • Bug:#1219 – On device/job/device-type have a link to the admin page
  • Bug:#1707 – document that roles must be unique.
  • Bug:#1718 – Installation in Ubuntu Trusty fails with DB migration
  • Bug:#1629 – enforce string handling in _find_dir

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