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The LAVA team is pleased to announce the 2015.9 release of the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA).

About the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) Release

These source code releases are provided for users who want to package LAVA for distributions.

Debian or Ubuntu Unicorn users can simply install LAVA directly using their package manager.
The updated packages will be available after a short delay. More information and status can be found on the Debian Package Tracking System:

Packages will automatically migrate into Debian Stretch (testing) and then
be backported to Debian Jessie backports.

This release changes the tag syntax to not use .N where N is a number like 1, 2, ..., N for hot-fixes, instead we will use .postN as per PEP-440 terminology, in which a hot-fix is effectively a post-release. Subsequent releases will also follow this pattern, for hot-fixes, if any.

Interesting changes include:

  • lava-server
    • Prevent parsing errors interrupting master
    • Update for new pep8 errors and warnings
    • installing_on_debian.rst: Note for newbies is added
    • Add the ci-run support for lava-dispatcher to the docs
    • Fix bug #1776 – Private bundle download detection
    • LAVA-148 – Query app initial code.
    • ci-run: A concept of how it should look like
    • LAVA-318 – Identify available JS at build time
    • Add offset parameter to the job_output API method
    • Fix bug #1738 – Sign in/out does not return me to the page I came from
    • Update docs on lava-wait-all with a role
    • Remove spurious error log message with missing description.yaml
    • Validate queued jobs before assignment starts
    • Validate device states before and after assignment
    • Fix bug #1734 – Stop health check submission for pipeline devices.
    • Document details on the pipeline construction and flow
    • LAVA-324 – document javascript handling

The lava-dispatcher refactoring has merged a series of changes into the
master branch of lava-server.

  • lava-dispatcher
    • Ensure partition labels are defined before use
    • Mutiple pep8 fixes
    • Fix bug #1767 – Check for empty paths cleanly in a utility function
    • Make master images reference the partitions by id rather than label
    • Fix bug #1676 – lava does not recognize ifconfig’s output
    • ci-run: Enable support of selective unittesting
    • lava-command-run: bump bundle version format
    • downloader – add support for *.img.tar.xz
    • Loop on logcat rather than waiting for homescreen message

The release is also available via tags in the LAVA git repository: 2015.9 2015.9

More information on LAVA is available at

LAVA Unit Tests can be found here


Documentation is installed alongside each LAVA instance using the lava-server-doc package. Click the Help link.

Online documentation is available at website

Fixed in this release

  • Bug:#1776 – Example lava-tool command to download bundle should use https
  • Bug:#1738 – Sign in/out does not return me to the page I came from
  • Bug:#1734 – Stop health check submission for pipeline devices
  • Bug:#1767 – Juno unicode issue
  • Bug:#1676 – lava does not recognize ifconfig’s output

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