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The LAVA team is pleased to announce the 2016.2 release of the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA).

About the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) Release

This release marks the start of the migration to the pipeline dispatcher. The previous dispatcher code, the documentation for that code and the support for JSON job formats are now deprecated. As a result, the corresponding lava-server code has also been deprecated, this includes Bundles, Filters and Image Reports (original and 2.0). The new pipeline support provides Results, Queries and Charts, based directly upon the TestJob rather than a subset of the job data as used by Bundle. Future development within LAVA will be based solely on the pipeline dispatcher. Support for the deprecated dispatcher will be maintained for future releases during the migration but will be removed once the migration is complete. The migration is expected to take most of 2016 but individual device or job support may be disabled before the migration is complete for all devices and jobs. Please subscribe to the announcements mailing list for more information. These source code releases are provided for users who want to package LAVA for distributions. (LAVA does not support installations other than using packages and the only supported packages are currently for Debian or derivatives.)

Debian or Ubuntu users (Unicorn or later) can simply install LAVA directly using their package manager.

Note: Ubuntu and other derivatives do not receive updated packages from the LAVA software team, upgrading LAVA on Ubuntu can involve upgrading to the next release of Ubuntu. The updated packages will be available in Debian after a short delay. More information and status can be found on the Debian Package Tracking System:

Packages will automatically migrate into Debian Stretch (testing) and then
be backported to Debian Jessie backports.

This release is not available for Ubuntu Trusty 14.04LTS. For
more information see

Interesting changes include:

  • lava-server

  • doc: hacking-session: remove comma in code-block
  • Fixup typos in #10131
  • Restore d2e967 after moving files from etc
  • Fix charts list and detail pages.
  • LAVA-514 – add helper to create pipeline workers
  • LAVA-477 – switch from OptionParser
  • Handle empty Device Dictionary in admin view
  • docs: correct irc server to freenode
  • Update the staging-repo information.
  • Template changes for lava_mac
  • Add arndale-specific NFS requirements
  • Fix issue with x86 template
  • remove redundant file
  • Fix multinode pipeline bug with retired devices
  • Adjust submission schema for adb & fastboot
  • LAVA-364 – arndale pipeline support.
  • Additional features for Charts app.
  • LAVA-136 – Onboard 96boards for testing pipeline android jobs
  • Prevent set priority button showing on multinode
  • Charts app documentation.
  • Add SSH boot methods for secondary connections
  • Add docs on the replacement of vmgroups.
  • Add jinja2 templates for x86 devices
  • Update mustang-uefi.jinja2 template.
  • ensure deprecated docs are packaged
  • Fix read_log to return all files in dir
  • Remove log_file from admin page
  • Update qemu test to current dispatcher syntax
  • Add a validate pipeline utility
  • Handle both templatedirs types
  • Fix template_dirs handling for django1.7
  • LAVA-484 – JobTable links to end of complete log
  • LAVA-483 – remove unused FileField in TestJob
  • Improve error handling for multinode
  • Fix reference to template as a jinja2 file
  • Add unit test for template YAML compliance
  • Expose pipeline template for device types.
  • Drop unused Attr import
  • Avoid confusion in supported Ubuntu releases (Ubuntu Trusty and Utopic).
  • Implement charts for lava_results_app.
  • LAVA-469 – Device dictionary templates for lxc devices.
  • Fix README alignment to span 72 columns.
  • LAVA-84 – Local device configurations
  • Fix deprecation warnings for django1.10
  • Handle setuptools differences in jessie and sid
  • Remove south migration references in master.
  • Fix typos in comments.
  • Add nfsargs and ssh deploy support for mustang
  • Check device_dict before conversion.
  • Remove support for south in master
  • Fix logic in check_submit_to_device
  • Remove string view arguments to url()
  • Separate local version with +
  • Deprecate current dispatcher docs
  • Improve the device dictionary parse error message.
  • LAVA-364 arndale template
  • Test and map device and job overrides
  • LAVA-293 – support vlan protocol in multinode yaml
  • Clarify documentation on secondary connections

The lava-dispatcher refactoring has merged a series of changes into the
master branch of lava-server.

  • lava-dispatcher

  • Switch from os.rename to shutil.move
  • Add ipxe support for “lava_mac” kernel command line
  • LAVA-507 – Fix assumptions in call_protocols
  • LAVA-508 – add lava-echo-ipv4 to dist tarball.
  • Add compatibility to fastboot and lxc actions.
  • LAVA-503 – Support ptable flashing using fastboot
  • Print traceback to stdout when lava dispatch command fails
  • Allow uboot ramdisk header removal to be optional
  • Add initial iPXE tests
  • Fix retrieval of host_address
  • Update uboot actions for simplesession
  • Allow escape characters as distinctive.
  • Allow the commands to be logged without YAML errors.
  • Ensure a failed boot result is logged.
  • Fix loopback skip detection in unit tests
  • Fix boot_linaro_timeout for deploy_image
  • Remove debug code which breaks lavabot unit tests
  • LAVA-136 – Onboard 96boards for testing pipeline android jobs
  • Add an iPXE boot method for pipeline devices
  • Set self.session_class and self.shell_class variables in adb connection.
  • LAVA-345 – Onboard lxc to pipeline.
  • Increase RAM size on qemu-arm* devices
  • Separate local version with +
  • add fsl-ls1021a-twr support
  • Preseeded Debian Installer support
  • Update loopback skip support for autopkgtest
  • Secondary connection fixes
  • VLANd support in refactoring

The release is also available via tags in the LAVA git repository: 2016.2 2016.2

More information on LAVA is available at

LAVA Unit Tests can be found here


Documentation is installed alongside each LAVA instance using the lava-server-doc package. Click the Help link.

Online documentation is available at website

Fixed in this release

  • Bug:#1858 – ramdisk load address issue
  • Bug:#1996 – Fix compatibility with django-tables2 >= 1.0.6

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