The images found here have been pre-built using common combinations of hardware packs and root file systems. Ubuntu Desktop images include x11-base hardware packs if supported (with the exception of Beagle). The other images just use the standard hardware pack.

The hardware pack and root file system information to these images can be found in sources.txt

Instructions for adding 3D acceleration to a Beagle can be found at:

The image files are built to pre-set sizes. These may be expanded by running resize2fs.

These can be uncompressed and written directly to your SD card:

  # These values will change based on your system
$ SDCARD=/dev/
   #sdcard could be something sdb or mmcblk0
$ IMGFILE=overo-nano.img
$ gunzip ${IMGFILE}.gz
$ dd bs=4k if=${IMGFILE} of=${SDCARD}

Win32 users may use the Image Writer for Windows tool:

NameLast modifiedSizeLicense

Parent Directory Parent Directory
other beagle-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 17:05 537.5M open
other efikamx-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 17:13 537.1M open
other efikasb-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 17:19 3.0M open
other igep-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 17:26 538.6M open
text md5sums.txt 28-Oct-2011 14:36 569 open
other mx53loco-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 17:35 538.3M open
other origen-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 17:52 536.0M open
other overo-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 17:44 537.5M open
other panda-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 18:09 563.0M open
text sha1sums.txt 28-Oct-2011 14:36 641 open
text sources.txt 27-Oct-2011 18:10 3.1K open
other vexpress-ubuntu-desktop.img.gz 27-Oct-2011 18:17 536.7M open