The images found here have been pre-built for your convenience.

The boot, userdata and system files for each image can be found in sources.txt

The image files are built to pre-set sizes. These may be expanded by running resize2fs.

These can be uncompressed and written directly to your SD card with a single command:

  # These values will change based on your system
$ SDCARD=/dev/
   #sdcard could be something sdb or mmcblk0
$ URL=
    $ curl $URL | gunzip -c | sudo dd bs=64k of=$SDCARD

Win32 users may use the Image Writer for Windows tool:

NameLast modifiedSizeLicense

Parent Directory Parent Directory
other landing-panda.img.gz 24-Jan-2012 17:59 134.2M open
other landing-snowball.img.gz 24-Jan-2012 18:43 140.8M stericsson
other mainline-panda.img.gz 24-Jan-2012 18:00 134.8M open
text sources.txt 02-Feb-2012 15:28 2.0K open
other staging-imx53.img.gz 24-Jan-2012 18:01 153.4M open
other staging-origen.img.gz 24-Jan-2012 18:42 135.3M samsung
other staging-panda.img.gz 24-Jan-2012 17:57 137.6M open
other staging-vexpress-a9.img.gz 25-Jan-2012 21:45 130.3M open
other tracking-panda.img.gz 24-Jan-2012 18:02 137.4M open