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The Linaro Toolchain Working Group (TCWG) is pleased to announce the 2015.02 release of the Linaro GCC 4.9 source package.

Linaro GCC 4.9 2015.02 is the eleventh Linaro GCC source package release and third stable one in the 4.9 series. It is based on FSF GCC 4.9.3-pre+svn220525 and includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

With the imminent release of ARMv8 hardware and the recent release of the GCC 4.9 compiler the Linaro TCWG will be focusing on stabilization and performance of the compiler as the FSF GCC compiler. The Linaro TCWG provides stable1 quarterly releases and monthly engineering2 releases.

Interesting changes in this GCC source package release include:

  • Backport of [AArch32] PR63676, exit tree fold when node be TREE_CLOBBER_P
  • Backport of [AArch32] M0/M1 small multiply
  • Backport of [AArch64] Fix unsafe access to deallocated stack
  • Backport of Int div by constant compilation enhancement
  • Backport of [AArch32] Fix PR target/64460: Set 'shift’ attr properly on some patterns
  • Backport of [AArch32] Fix typo in *_shiftsi
  • Backport of [AArch64] Let LR register allocable
  • Backport of Improve warning message for bitfields
  • Backport of [AArch32] PR rtl-optimization/64011
  • Backport of Fix checking on MAX_PENDING_LIST_LENGTH
  • Backport of Remove VEC_LSHIFT_EXPR and vec_shl_optab
  • Backport of [AArch64] Use new reduc_[us](min|max)_scal optabs, inc. for builtins
  • Backport of [AArch64] Use new reduc_plus_scal optabs, inc. for __builtins
  • Backport of Add new optabs for reducing vectors to scalars
  • Backport of [Vectorizer] Make REDUC_xxx_EXPR tree codes produce a scalar result
  • Backport of [AArch32] new cortex-m7 tune option
  • Backport of [AArch32] cortex-m7 scheduling
  • Backport of Improve Neon intrinsics testing
  • Backport of [AArch32] [testsuite] gnu11 cleanup for aapcs testcases

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1Stable source package releases are defined as releases where the full Linaro Toolchain validation plan is executed.

2Engineering source package releases are defined as releases where the compiler is only put through unit-testing and full validation is not performed.