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application/octet-stream Image--4.10.0+git-r0-juno-20171124062746-108.bin 27-Feb-2018 02:10 11.9M open
other Image--4.10.0+git-r0-juno-20171124062746-108.dtb 13-Jan-2018 12:33 21.7K open
other Image--4.10.0+git-r0-juno-r1-20171124062746-108.dtb 13-Jan-2018 12:33 21.7K open
other Image--4.10.0+git-r0-juno-r2-20171124062746-108.dtb 13-Jan-2018 12:33 21.7K open
text MD5SUMS.txt 13-Jan-2018 12:33 1.4K open
application/zip 13-Jan-2018 12:33 7.9M open
text manifest-changes.txt 13-Jan-2018 12:33 5.1K open
application/x-tar modules--4.10.0+git-r0-juno-20171124062746-108.tgz 13-Jan-2018 12:33 762.6K open
text pinned-manifest.xml 13-Jan-2018 12:33 2.6K open
other rpb-console-image-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.manifest 13-Jan-2018 12:33 12.2K open
application/x-tar rpb-console-image-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.tar.xz 27-Feb-2018 02:10 76.2M open
other rpb-console-image-lava-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.manifest 13-Jan-2018 12:33 46.9K open
application/x-tar rpb-console-image-lava-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.tar.xz 27-Feb-2018 02:11 223.3M open
other rpb-desktop-image-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.manifest 13-Jan-2018 12:33 25.6K open
application/x-tar rpb-desktop-image-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.tar.xz 27-Feb-2018 02:11 180.2M open
other rpb-desktop-image-lava-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.manifest 13-Jan-2018 12:33 61.1K open
application/x-tar rpb-desktop-image-lava-juno-20171124062746-108.rootfs.tar.xz 27-Feb-2018 02:11 376.8M open
text source-manifest.xml 13-Jan-2018 12:34 1.8K open
application/octet-stream u-boot-juno-v2017.03+gitAUTOINC+24c6ee8c9d-r0.bin 13-Jan-2018 12:34 265.4K open

Manifest changes

changed projects : 

	layers/meta-96boards changed from b34e356a3b05e8eea7b13cd0d59d5138dcfe3e89 to 8b164fa1e910d86b354ac7e61074d65f8f23cf52
		[+] 8b164fa poplar.conf: new kernel enumerates as mmcblk1
		[+] 2ccdf5f atf-poplar: Update SRCREV to latest SHA and install shared header.
		[+] 374edc1 u-boot-poplar: Update SRCREV to latest code.
		[+] 6e202ee l-loader-poplar: Update SRCREV and pass header directory.
		[+] 4353f64 linux-poplar: Update SRCREV to v4.9 SDK based kernel.
		[+] 2f78ca0 u-boot-poplar: update SRCREV
		[+] bb4a77a Merge pull request #187 from petegriffin/mali450-userland_r7p0_01rel0-v2
		[+] 0ab6956 linux-96boards_4.4: Update to Mali r7p0 kernel and userspace.
		[+] 2dce174 linux-hikey: Add patch to disable mali RUNTIME_PM.
		[+] cba3434 linux-hikey: remove CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME guard.
		[+] 6815872 linux-hikey: Add missing end quote
		[+] 491f111 linux-hikey: remove get_unused_fd fix
		[+] 2cd4aff linux-hikey_git: Update to DX910-SW-99002-r7p0-00rel1
		[+] 7895664 mali-userland: Update to latest Mali release.
		[+] 989f020 linux-generic: x86: enable Intel 82575/6 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support
		[+] d200ed2 linux-generic-stable-4.4: stih410-b2260: backport clock management
		[+] 477c299 linux-hikey: get rid of legacy name

	layers/meta-backports changed from 3d95e92c1036636f2f8bb00bd04ee5a41e9d8613 to 047331199aef82ff05fe116c872e1625b7fca1d0
		[+] 0473311 piglit: Backport from oe-core master rev 89dfede4ca
		[+] ad358ce Revert "recipes-devtools: Python3 backport multilib fix from oe-core master"

	layers/meta-intel changed from 93e866a0d5bbff639b89424a9653c5602cd59cdd to c781510a5a6b45e60cc32b6614ddcce3f1452121
		[+] c781510 gnu-efi: Fix missing space in _append line

	layers/meta-rpb changed from 862784832def1fd32d347256bc1464f5a7bba60a to df7df76ebdcd7e598b9a115b0b114a3a544b1ded
		[+] df7df76 packagegroup-rpb-weston: add ffmpeg (and ffplay)

	layers/meta-ti changed from ec42e92544a5988ca00f4d9b10d34fac3ff798c3 to bb1816021bd9f490e9982c3e8e3c842f93e7277e
		[+] bb181602 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2017.06-rc1 tag
		[+] 18e7dab9 linux-ti-staging: update to 4.9.63 and ti2017.06-rc1 tag

	layers/openembedded-core changed from c79b479ab4b129007c6679bb0bdd8e2ec7ecb6ad to 93b7f83a4212409a55ddf568a34468d4f6ef2c06
		[+] 93b7f83a42 build-appliance-image: Update to morty head revision
		[+] 5bf1ce30cb neon: fix fetch error
		[+] 0861820f83 byacc: Fix fetch error
		[+] dfab5f822c mesa: fix SRC_URI
		[+] 6e50f316db ppp: include netinet/in.h before linux/in.h in pppoe.h
		[+] 49dea7745d linux-yocto/4.8: update to v4.8.26
		[+] 8ef5c0511e python-3.3-multilib.patch: Fixes getpath on multilib configurations
		[+] 32db742922 zlib: Fix CVE-2016-9843
		[+] 715645a1be zlib: Fix CVE-2016-9842
		[+] aa650d4f5e zlib: Fix CVE-2016-9841
		[+] c34064ccee zlib: Fix CVE-2016-9840
		[+] 1e6235de0a tcf-agent: Fix daemon termination
		[+] f3c9d850af tcf-agent: kill with USR2 in systemd stop
		[+] c32bca840d opkg: fix conffile errors in 'opkg status' calls
		[+] a0cb33b328 coreutils_6.9: fix musl compilation
		[+] a70dc7d387 coreutils_6.9: Disable broken man pages
		[+] 93af40ae11 gmp_4.2.1: prevent calls to mpn_add_nc() if HAVE_NATIVE_mpn_sub_nc is false
		[+] 9dc52a9959 libevdev: add libcheck dependency
		[+] 8d53b03e8f ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-14064
		[+] 6033983453 ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-14033
		[+] a636bf8cb5 ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-9229
		[+] 0c1eec0c6a ruby: Secruity fix for CVE-2017-9226
		[+] cdfb60a7b5 ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-9228
		[+] d83f18936a ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-9227
		[+] 6af2319008 ruby: Security fix for CVE-2016-7798
		[+] 3cd67ae472 curl: Security fix for CVE-2017-1000101
		[+] 2ad0d34313 curl: Security fix for CVE-2017-1000100
		[+] 559ccc2849 curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-9586
		[+] 26e464767a curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8624
		[+] 3b73976716 curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8617
		[+] 2da99dc9f7 curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8623
		[+] d664a1372c curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8621
		[+] daeb0f5369 curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8620
		[+] 3b97fc78d9 curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8619
		[+] 1fc1c9a11e curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8618
		[+] b754be8420 curl: Security fix for CVE-2016-8615
		[+] ff3904dec5 tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7593
		[+] 12325a8ebb tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7602
		[+] ade8551d6a tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7601
		[+] 7e367796d4 tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7598
		[+] 94daee02ca tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7596
		[+] 6536bfecb1 tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7595
		[+] 7bdb52d06a tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7594
		[+] 75e953388f tiff: Security fix for CVE-2017-7592
		[+] eeb7197d85 tiff: Security fix for CVE-2016-10270
		[+] 46504a224a tiff: Security fix for CVE-2016-10269
		[+] 87aebc2b02 tiff: Security fix CVE-2016-10267
		[+] 3a604aa5cb tiff: Security fix CVE-2016-10266
		[+] 24b62c8410 tiff: Security fix CVE-2016-10268
		[+] 6e39b24d00 tiff: Secruity fix CVE-2016-10093
		[+] 8fb9a143e9 tiff: Security fix for CVE-2016-10271
		[+] dc7573cd33 tiff: Security fixes
		[+] d26ea3b9b6 libtiff: Security Advisory - libtiff - CVE-2017-5225
		[+] b9de98cdc8 ruby: fix build of ruby-native with gcc7