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About the Reference Linaro Confectionary Release for AM572x Evaluation Module(referred to as X15 in this document)

This Reference Linaro Confectionary Release is the release for X15 board,
it is based on the Oreo android-8.1.0_r7 branch. This build is a
userdebug variant build, which contains support for allowing full use of the
Cortex-A15 architecture, supports 32-bit applications, and run in permissive mode.

The kernel used for this build is mirror from,
built with the default AOSP toolchain 32bit gcc4.9.
The version is based on version 4.4.

The userspace components are built with AOSP prebuilt clang binary,
the version is “Android clang version 5.0.300080 (based on LLVM 5.0.300080)”.

The AOSP software provided in this release is functionally
tested with CTS version 8.1 R1 and the CTS results are shared with
members. We also added some benchmark tests to observe the
performance trend in various fields.

Sources are also made available so you can build your own images
(see the Building from Source tab).

What is new

  • AOSP source updated to base on android-8.1.0_r7 version
  • CTS test package update to use 8.1 R1 version
  • The security patch is 2018-01-05
  • Fixed UI performance regression problwm caused by hw vsync timeout


Please check the changelog.txt for details to see what Linaro has done on top of AOSP android-8.1.0_r7.


Subscribe to the important Linaro mailing lists and join our IRC
channels to stay on top of Linaro development.

  • Linaro Android Development ‘Mailing list’
  • Linaro Android IRC channel on at #linaro-android
  • Linaro Android ART IRC channel on at #linaro-art
  • Bug reports should be filed in ‘Bugzilla’ under “Linaro Android” product and “R-LCR-X15” component.
    • You will need to login to your Linaro account. If you do not have an account or are having problems, email for help.
  • More general bug reports should be filed in Bugzilla against the individual packages that are affected.
  • Questions? ‘ask linaro’
  • Interested in commercial support? inquire at ‘Linaro Support’

AOSP Patch Summary

There are patches developed by TI and Linaro engineering teams were applied
to get AOSP booting to UI on the X15 development platform.
These patches can be found on Linaro Git repositories via files:

Any patches can be contributed through the instructions described Here

Known Issues and Limitations

Known issues

The following known issues are present in this release. Please contact if you wish to know more information about these issues or have access problems when attempting to view them.

Bug ID Bug title Bug summary
Bug 3448 HiKey/X15: piglit-gles3 has 0 pass with oreo build
Bug 3340 X15: video_codec_h264_enc and audio_codec_mp3 failed with the oreo build
Bug 3439 HiKey/X15: javawhetstone benchamrk has regression with Oreo build
Bug 3367 HiKey/X15: CtsUsbTests failed on lava
Bug 3368 HiKey/X15: CtsThemeHostTestCases failed with hikey/x15 oreo reference builds
Bug 3442 X15: oreo build cts test armeabi-v7a.CtsMediaStressTestCases only has 1 pass of 120 test cases
Bug 3473 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsCameraApi25TestCases has 0 pass with oreo build
Bug 3474 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsJvmtiTrackingHostTestCases has 0 pass with oreo build
Bug 3445 X15: vts-hal has 0 pass with the oreo build
Bug 3446 X15: vts-library has 0 pass with the oreo build
Bug 3447 X15: vts-performance has 0 pass with oreo build
Bug 3553 X15: rl-sqlite failed with 8.1.0_r2 builds unconfirmed
Bug 3554 X15: vts-kernel-ltp has failures with oreo build
Bug 3555 X15: vts-kernel-part1 has failures with oreo build
Bug 3583 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsAppTestCases has failures
Bug 3584 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsContentTestCases has failures
Bug 3585 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsGraphicsTestCases has failures
Bug 3586 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsLibcoreTestCases has failures
Bug 3587 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsWidgetTestCases has failures
Bug 3588 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsSecurityHostTestCases has failures
Bug 3589 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsSecurityTestCases has failures
Bug 3590 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsViewTestCases
Bug 3591 X15: armeabi-v7a.CtsWebkitTestCases has failures when run on lava
Bug 3556 X15: some armeabi-v7a.CtsJvmtiXXX series test cases failed


Get “OTG cable” and “Serial console cable” connected between the X15 board and your PC.

If this is the first time you use X15 board, please reference here for the initial setup instructions.

Get artifacts

Click on each link to download:

  • MLO
  • u-boot.img
  • am57xx-evm-reva3.dtb
  • boot.img
  • system.img
  • userdata.img
  • vendor.img

Boot X15 board to fastboot mode

Press power or reset button to start the X15 board, and on the serial console,
get to U-Boot shell on device and run next command to enter fastboot mode:

    => fastboot 1

Then on the host side, run following command to make sure it’s in fastboot mode:

$ fastboot devices
0e005017394200e2    fastboot

Flash images

Flash the downloaded image files into the X15 board under fastboot mode with
following commands:

$ fastboot flash xloader MLO
$ fastboot flash bootloader u-boot.img
$ fastboot flash environment am57xx-evm-reva3.dtb
$ fastboot flash boot boot.img
$ fastboot flash system system.img
$ fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
$ fastboot flash vendor vendor.img

Boot X15 board with AOSP images

Run “fastboot reboot” or press the reset button to restart X15 board
after the fastboot flash commands, then the X15 board will boot with
the AOSP images just flashed.

You can use following command to check if the adb connection is connected:

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
0e005017394200e2  device

Linaro AOSP Source Code

Download the AOSP building script for this build
from the list of artifacts listed above, and run it.
This script will help to download the entire source code of AOSP and attempt to build it.

Most commonly used options for

$ ./ -h #To print the script usage
$ ./ -t #To build from the tip of the branch without overlay
$ ./ -t -u <url-aosp-mirror-manifest> #As -t, but repo sync from local mirror
$ ./ -m <pinned_manifest> #To reproduce an exact build from pinned manifest
$ ./ -m <pinned_manifest> -u <url-aosp-mirror-manifest> #As -m, but repo sync from local mirror

The pinned manifest(pinned-manifest.xml(?) and source manifest(source-manifest.xml) can be found from the list of artifacts

Compiling Linaro AOSP RootFS

The following simple steps download, install and compile a complete Linaro AOSP distribution

  • Download and install Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit or newer (download)
  • Download the AOSP building script for this build from the list of artifacts
  • Run the script downloaded, and answer the questions when promopted

Build from the tip of the source:

chmod a+x
./ -t or  ./ -t -u <url-aosp-mirror-manifest>

Or reproduce the exactly the same as this buid:

chmod a+x
./ -m pinned-manifest.xml or ./ -m pinned-manifest.xml -u <url-aosp-mirror-manifest>

Deploy AOSP Images to your x15 board

Following commands will flash the images into your x15 board via the fastboot command.

    $ fastboot flash xloader out/target/product/am57xevm/MLO
    $ fastboot flash bootloader out/target/product/am57xevm/u-boot.img
    $ fastboot flash environment out/target/product/am57xevm/am57xx-evm-reva3.dtb
    $ fastboot flash boot out/target/product/am57xevm/boot.img
    $ fastboot flash system out/target/product/am57xevm/system.img
    $ fastboot flash userdata out/target/product/am57xevm/userdata.img
    $ fastboot flash vendor out/target/product/am57xevm/vendor.img