Install instructions

There are two methods to install linaro builds:

Using pre-built image

 # Insert SD card and note the assigned '/dev/sdX' or '/dev/mmcblk0'
  $ dmesg

  $ SDCARD=/dev/sdX # sdcard found from dmesg above
  $ URL=
  $ curl $URL | gunzip -c | sudo dd bs=64k of=$SDCARD
Note: Windows users may use the Image Writer for Windows

Building a Custom Image

Download boot.tar.bz2 , system.tar.bz2 and userdata.tar.bz2 from the links below

 # Get linaro image tools
  # method 1: using binary package for Ubuntu (PPA)
  $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools
  $ sudo apt-get update
  $ sudo apt-get install linaro-image-tools
  # method 2: using source code
  $ wget

  # Insert SD card and note the assigned '/dev/sdX' or '/dev/mmcblk0'
  $ dmesg

  # Create media
  $ sudo linaro-android-media-create --mmc /dev/sdX --dev origen --system system.tar.bz2 --boot boot.tar.bz2 --userdata userdata.tar.bz2
Note: If you're building the source from scratch, you should untar the vendor tarball in your top level directory then build. vendor.tar.bz2 can be downloaded from the link below.


For more information on how to use this builds please see the Linaro wiki at:

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