Install instructions:

= Get artifacts =

  $ wget
  $ wget
  $ wget

= Get merge-gnexus-blobs script =

  $ wget
  $ chmod a+x merge-gnexus-blobs

  Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, since
  the script downloads non-free binaries and tools to extract images.

  Run merge-gnexus-blobs script, giving the directory containing the .img files
  as its sole argument.

  The script will do the remaining bits for you, including flashing the phone.

  WARNING: There is no guarantee whatsoever that the build will work.
           If it breaks your phone, you get to keep both pieces.

= Install Google Apps =

If you wish to use the phone as a real phone rather than a pure development
device, chances are that you want to install the Google Apps on it:

  * Install the Linaro Android build as described above

  * Grab the current Google Apps zip for JellyBean from
    At the time of the writing, the current version is:

  * If you downloaded from a device other than your Galaxy Nexus, transfer
    the file to your Galaxy Nexus using:

    mtp-sendfile gapps-jb*.zip 8

  * Turn your Galaxy Nexus off completely (remove the battery if in doubt)

  * Hold down the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons at the same time, and turn
    on the phone

  * Use the Volume Up button to select "Recovery mode", then press the power
    button to launch it. Wait for recovery to come up.

  * Select "install zip from sdcard"

  * Select "choose zip from sdcard"

  * Choose the gapps-jb zip file you downloaded earlier (it should be in the
    Download/ folder)

  * Select "Yes - Install gapps-jb-*"

  * Select "+++++Go Back+++++"

  * Select "reboot system now"

  * Enjoy your Google Apps enabled Linaro Android build!

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