Hardware packs (hwpacks)

Hardware packs are a way of distributing the hardware-specific packages needed to make an image (such as Nano or Developer image) work on a particular board without including them in the image itself.

This is useful because a single image can then be used across many types of boards, just by varying the hardware pack that is used.

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text hwpack_linaro-origen_20121217-17_armhf_supported.manifest.txt 12-Jan-2018 05:17 567 open
application/x-tar hwpack_linaro-origen_20121217-17_armhf_supported.tar.gz 26-Feb-2018 15:31 44.9M open
text hwpack_linaro-panda_20121217-20_armhf_supported.manifest.txt 12-Jan-2018 05:18 567 open
application/x-tar hwpack_linaro-panda_20121217-20_armhf_supported.tar.gz 26-Feb-2018 15:31 34.6M open
text hwpack_linaro-vexpress_20121127-445_armhf_supported.manifest.txt 12-Jan-2018 05:18 610 open
application/x-tar hwpack_linaro-vexpress_20121127-445_armhf_supported.tar.gz 26-Feb-2018 15:31 41.2M open