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This build produces two sets of artifacts:

1. Tarballs with the testsuite in question and any dependencies, organized to fit an android filesystem. These are named tests_system.tar.bz2 and tests_data.tar.bz2

2. Tarballs with the testsuite bundled together with a complete android build. These are named boot.tar.bz2, system.tar.bz2, userdata.tar.bz2
To see exactly which android build the tests have been bundled with, look at ANDROID_PREBUILT_URL in the build configuration for this build.

Install just the testsuite with dependencies on a running device

Scroll down to the ‘Downloads’ section

Click on each link to download:

  • tests_system.tar.bz2
  • tests_userdata.tar.bz2

Unpack somewhere and run:

  $ adb remount
  $ adb push <path_to_unpacked_tarball>/data /data
  $ adb push <path_to_unpacked_tarball>/system /system

Install the bundled android images

Scroll down to the ‘Downloads’ section

Click on each link to download:

  • boot.tar.bz2
  • system.tar.bz2
  • userdata.tar.bz2

Install the images to the device following the normal linaro instructions for that device, typically involving linaro-android-media-create and a sdcard.

Run the tests

These tests can not be run over adb as the cpu hotplug test intefers with the adb connection. The commands can be run in, for instance, a serial console.

Execute the following on the target:

$ -a

For more options run:

$ -a