Ubuntu based images (rootfs)

Together with the different hardware packs (hwpacks) provided for each supported board/SoC, Linaro provides different types of rootfs, each to cover a specific user requirements.


It provides a very minimum rootfs that contains a fully functional support for apt (the package management system used by Ubuntu). This image only provides console support, and should be used in case you want a fast and small image to develop and verify the kernel and system functionality.


This image is based on Nano, but includes a working toolchain, debuggers and also additional development and profiling tools needed by kernel and system developers.

ARM Linux Internet Platform (ALIP)

ALIP is a small distribution used for bringing up ARM boards both by ARM internally and by various customers. It has previously been generated from upstream sources, since Linaro started supporting the Ubuntu archive/packages, a new image was created based on Ubuntu, to satisfy ARM’s requirements with their previous ALIP images.

The ALIP image emphasis is on small size, rebuildability, cross-buildability and enough packages to usefully excercise a new board, including graphics and multimedia.

As the main target from ARM is to make it as a usable image for ARM FastModels and Versatile Express, the image needs to be small and fast, without the extra burden from a complete desktop stack.

Currently ALIP is based on LXDE (Lubuntu), with lightdm, X11 and chromium as the default graphic applications.

Ubuntu Desktop

The Ubuntu Desktop image is basically a stock Ubuntu Desktop environment, with a few extra packages and configurations to make it customized for Linaro. This image should bring the exact same environment you’d find in usual Ubuntu installation, with Unity, Firefox and all the goodness available in the Ubuntu CD images.

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