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The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the 2014.0r43 engineering release of Linaro GCC 4.8.

As announced at Linaro Connect USA 2013 Linaro GCC moved to a pattern of quarterly stable releases, with engineering releases in the intervening months. This is the second stable release, and contains no known regressions compared to the 2014.01 release. The next stable release will be the 2014.08 release. There will be no engineering releases of GCC 4.8 until this release as it enters in maintenance.

Linaro GCC 4.8 2014.04 is the thirteenth and last development release in the 4.8 series before entering maintenance. Based off the latest GCC 4.8.3+svn208968 release, it includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

Interesting changes include:

  • Updates to GCC 4.8.3+svn208968
  • Cortex-a53 support
  • A fix for LP #1292489: Buggy vectorization of dot products
  • A fix for LP #1268893: ICE when building kernel raid6 neon code
  • A fix for LP #1273511: ICE APCS Frame & optimize-sibling-calls

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