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application/x-tar linux-linaro-lng-3.14.12-2014.07.tar.bz2 26-Feb-2018 19:16 89.3M open
application/x-tar linux-linaro-lng-preempt-rt-3.14.12-2014.07.tar.bz2 26-Feb-2018 19:17 89.4M open

The Linaro Networking Group (LNG) is pleased to announce the
2014.07 release of the Linaro Networking Kernel.

Interesting changes include:

  • Based on Linux 3.14.12 kernel
    • PREEMPT_RT patchset rt9
  • Arndale support

The release is also available via tags in the LNG git repository:

git:// linux-lng-3.14.12-2014.07
git:// linux-lng-preempt-rt-3.14.12-2014.07

More information on Linaro Networking Group Kernels is available at

Fixed in this release

Known issues

NO_HZ_FULL support remains non-functional with RT and is NOT INCLUDED in the linux-lng-preempt-rt-v3.14.x branch. (See bug #1321948 below:)
This marks a departure from prior releases in that the RT branch no longer contains every patch found in the non-RT branch.
We intend to remedy this as soon as clean support for NO_HZ_FULL operation can be integrated into the RT branch.

  • LBTS: #89 no_hz_full : isolation breaks on x86
  • LBTS: #134 LTP-realtime rt-migrate test hangs when run on linux-lng-v3.14.x.

Feedback and Support

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  • Bug reports should be filed in the Linaro Bug Tracking System against “LNG Kernel” product and “General” component:
  • Questions? ask Linaro.
  • Interested in commercial support? inquire at Linaro support