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application/x-tar linux-linaro-stable-3.10.49-2014.07.tar.bz2 26-Feb-2018 19:17 83.7M open
application/x-tar linux-linaro-stable-android-3.10.49-2014.07.tar.bz2 26-Feb-2018 19:17 83.9M open
application/x-tar linux-linaro-stable-android-3.14.13-2014.07.tar.bz2 12-Jan-2018 15:31 14 open
application/x-tar linux-linaro-stable-android-preview-3.14.13-2014.07.tar.bz2 26-Feb-2018 19:17 89.4M open
application/x-tar linux-linaro-stable-preview-3.14.13-2014.07.tar.bz2 26-Feb-2018 19:17 89.3M open

The LSK team is pleased to announce the 2014.07 release of the Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK).

Interesting changes include:

  • Preview release of the v3.14 based LSK based on
  • Updates to:
    • 3.10.49 stable tree
    • Android support (from Google and Linaro)
    • ARMv8 fixes and performance enhancements
    • UEFI suppot


  • Based on 3.10.49 stable tree and 3.14.13 stable tree
  • big.LITTLE support:
    • ARM MP patch set (v3.10 only)
    • IKS (ARMv7 only)
  • ARMv8 features:
    • Architected timer event
    • Big endian
    • CMA
    • CPU idle via PSCI
    • CPU frequency scaling
    • CPU topology
    • CPU suspend
    • KGDB
    • NEON
    • Non-coherent DMA
    • Perf
    • Tagged pointers
    • UEFI
  • Power efficient workqueue support
  • Android v3.10 patch set from AOSP
  • Interactive scheduler enhancements for big.LITTLE
  • Big endian support
  • Thermal framework DT support
  • pinctrl group update support
  • ARMv8 4xA57 4xA53 FVP support
  • vexpress TC2 support

The release is also available via tags in the LSK git repository:

git:// lsk-v3.10-14.07
git:// lsk-v3.10-android-14.07
bc. git:// lsk-v3.10-preview-14.07
git:// lsk-v3.10-android-preview-14.07

More information on Linaro Stable Kernel is available at

Linaro Stable Kernel test plan

Fixed in this release

Known issues

  • Enabling IKS via sysfs crashes
  • Due to ongoing work to remove assumptions in the testsuite for use in simulation the ARMv8 specific testing of HMP is limited in the current release.

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