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Linaro releases monthly binary images of UEFI, based on the Tianocore project.

Tianocore baselines

The Linaro UEFI tree is based on the following upstream versions of code from Tianocore:

  • edk2 at subversion revision 15639, git commit 4d4deaaccb9b39106775d260ea0397c1991b0f04

The latest version of the EDK2 code contains the upstream code augmented with the following topic branches:

  • linaro-platform-a5
  • linaro-platform-a9
  • linaro-platform-fvp
  • linaro-platform-hisilicon-d01
  • linaro-platform-panda
  • linaro-platform-ref64
  • linaro-platform-rtsm
  • linaro-platform-tc1
  • linaro-platform-tc2
  • linaro-topic-lan91x
  • linaro-topic-leg
  • linaro-topic-leg-fvp-acpi
  • linaro-topic-misc

Platform Support

Platforms currently supported include:

  • Versatile Express A5/A9/TC1/TC2, RTSM A9×4 and A15×1, A15 MPCore, Foundation and FVP Base models.
  • TI Beagleboard
  • HiSilicon D01

This release was tested on the Versatile Express Foundation and FVP Base models. It may work on the other supported platforms since no feature changes were added.

The following platforms have been dropped in this release:

  • Samsung Arndale

Fixed in this release

The following issues were fixed in this release:

Known Issues

The following open issues were unresolved in this release:

  • LP: #1157203 UEFI: TC2: Shell cannot write to SD card when booting from A7 core
  • LP: #942155 UEFI: TC2: copy/paste doesn’t work over serial port
  • BZ: #101 Deleted entries in boot menu still visible to efibootmgr
  • BZ: #255 Delete key does not work in UEFI shell
  • BZ: #256 Characters routinely dropped in UEFI shell
  • BZ: #257 Fails to enumerate USB devices when starting shell
  • BZ: #289 Version banner displayed is not useful for bug reports

Building UEFI

For more instructions on how to build UEFI from source, please see the LEG wiki build page

More information

The LEG UEFI wiki is a great place to start developing with Linaro’s UEFI tree.