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other MANIFEST 12-Jan-2018 19:07 238 open
other MD5SUMS 12-Jan-2018 19:07 327 open
other boot.img 12-Jan-2018 19:07 7.0M open
other cache.img 12-Jan-2018 19:07 4.6M open
application/x-sh 12-Jan-2018 19:07 7.9K open
text pinned-manifest-ann.xml 12-Jan-2018 19:07 58.3K open
text pinned-manifest.xml 12-Jan-2018 19:07 58.6K open
other ramdisk-recovery.img 12-Jan-2018 19:07 1.2M open
other ramdisk.img 12-Jan-2018 19:07 605.6K open
other recovery.img 12-Jan-2018 19:07 7.6M open
text source-manifest-ann.xml 12-Jan-2018 19:07 65.8K open
text source-manifest.xml 12-Jan-2018 19:07 66.1K open
other system.img 26-Feb-2018 20:33 301.2M open
other userdata.img 26-Feb-2018 20:33 133.9M open

Project: "platform/external/libnl"
Description: "Project: Non AOSP project. Supporting obsolete AOSP libnl project"

Project: "platform/external/speex"
Description: "Project: Non AOSP project. Open Source speech codec. Linaro monifications include making project build as a shared library, build resampler plugin and few additional NEON patches."

Project: "platform/external/stressapptest"
Description: "Project: stressapptest tries to maximize randomized traffic to memory from processor and I/O, with the intent of creating a realistic high load situation in order to stress test the device. Also used in cache-coherency testing."

Project: "platform/system/core"
Description: "Project: init.rc changes and bug fixes"