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The Linaro QA Team is pleased to announce 2015.06 release of the Linaro Test Suites.

Linaro Test Suites

Linaro Test Suites is a package that contains test suites that can be run in LAVA. The complete index of available test cases is published on Linaro Wiki. The package contains sources that are available from git repository Problems found in the test suites should be reported to Linaro Test Suites project in Linaro Bugzilla


  • ubuntu: add lkp tests
  • common: change name in gator-data-streaming.yaml
  • ubuntu: ubuntu/script/
  • android: Remove obsolete scheduler_testssuites
  • common: add gator-data-streaming in order to replace ubuntu/OE version
  • kvm: fix unreviewed commit
  • kvm-lava: migrate to systemd
  • Add support for LTP-DDT tests to existing ltp.yaml
  • ubuntu: Update device list in fio-test.yaml
  • sched_tests: Adding scheduler testssuites