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Linaro releases monthly binary images of UEFI, based on the Tianocore project.

Upstream version

The Linaro UEFI tree is based on the following upstream versions of code from Tianocore:

  • edk2 at git commit 8de84d4242215252af9d2afecd45e2419689ee5f
  • OpenPlatformPkg at git commit 4e9cfc934508ca95df3ae51e63a1681fc41d345b

The latest version of the EDK2 code contains the upstream code augmented with platform support via OpenPlatformPkg.
It additionally contains a bunch of cherry-picked patches to bring it up to parity with e3b76f3b5e80df1219fb4adf0199b9606e84b8e7.

Platform Support

Platforms supported by this release include:

  • ARM Juno (r0/r1/r2)
  • qemu-system-arm, qemu-system-aarch64
  • xen64
  • Versatile Express TC2 (ArmBds), Foundation/FVP Base model
  • TI Beagleboard (ArmBds)

New in this release

  • Based on upstream EDK2 now maintained in git!
  • Rebased on newer upstream edk2.
  • Now built with/against ARM Trusted Firmware v1.2, enabling support for Juno R2.
  • All ARM ltd. platforms now built from OpenPlatformPkg.

Fixed in this release

The following issues were fixed in this release:

  • BZ: #255 Delete key does not work in UEFI shell
  • BZ: #1201 F10 does not save changes in Intel BDS
  • BZ: #1936 Drivers shell cmd causes assert crash

No particular fix, just rebase on newer upstream.

Known Issues

The following open issues were unresolved in this release:

  • An unidentified issue with the LAN9118 Ethernet on Juno R2 (bug not yet filed)
  • BZ: #256 Characters routinely dropped in UEFI shell
  • BZ: #826 SBBR compliance of our EDK2 releases
  • BZ: #292 Boot logs are hard to read on Juno
  • BZ: #858PXE-E18: Server response timeout.” when PXE booting
  • BZ: #923 Can’t build the base tools in parallel
  • BZ: #951 Fails to enumerate MMIO addresses in UEFI that are described in ACPI DSDT table supplied by firmware
  • BZ: #1174 grub fails to send packets over the network
  • BZ: #1202 Intel BDS QEMU build does not save added boot menu entries
  • BZ: #1210 Juno UEFI won’t interrupt
  • BZ: #1211 Juno timer problem? Grub countdown very slow
  • BZ: #1664 Lava FVP based tests fail intermittently
  • BZ: #1954 Add SAS support in EDK2 for D02
  • BZ: #1957 D02: bcfg fails to persist added/changed options
  • BZ: #2044 reset -s in UEFI Shell causes strangeness

Building UEFI

For more instructions on how to build UEFI from source, please see the LEG wiki build page

More information

The LEG UEFI wiki is a great place to start developing with UEFI for ARM.