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Linaro Reference Platform Firmware 18.11

Linaro periodically releases binary images of UEFI, based on the TianoCore project.

Upstream version

The Linaro UEFI tree is built from the following upstream TianoCore repositories:

Repository revision
edk2 edk2-stable201811
edk2-platforms cc2b26de91e09be9f9789d553e7b3e079c822efb
edk2-non-osi 047bb77dd93840fc2ad78bce2f580a0887a4b825

This version does not include any cherry-picked patches on top of this.

Platform Support

Platforms supported by this release include:

  • qemu-aarch32, qemu-aarch64 (mach-virt)
  • Hisilicon D03, D05, D06
  • ARM Foundation/FVP Base and SGI575 models

New in this release

  • First release including support for Hisilicon D06.
  • Includes prebuilt CapsuleApp for ARM/AArch64.

Building EDK2

For more instructions on how to build EDK2 from source, please see the edk2-platforms documentation.

For rebuilding this release:

$ git clone
$ cd rpf
$ git checkout rpf-18.11
$ ./

Building this release requires a recent version of acpica-tools. These binaries were generated using version 20181003, but versions 20180629 onwards are functional.