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Linaro Reference Platform Firmware 19.03

Linaro periodically releases binary images of UEFI, based on the TianoCore project.

Upstream version

The Linaro UEFI tree is built from the following upstream TianoCore repositories:

Repository revision
edk2 edk2-stable201903
edk2-platforms 89f6901df0e29da6619608dc417c052bb3e8f82a
edk2-non-osi 99907896565e9b9d6fa508e54b2840db3f0280fc

as well as

arm-tf 9fd2f13bd608832260300640970f73c62357c684
uefi-tools 27207a83aefc88526466fb2dcba50470cb92974d

The following additional patches have been cherry-picked from edk2:

  • 4a1f6b85c184 (“MdeModulePkg: add LockBoxNullLib for !IA32/X64 in .dsc”)
  • 6c27a4d337d0 (“MdeModulePkg/UefiBootManangerLib: Fix exception issue”)

The following additional patches have been cherry-picked from edk2-platforms:

  • 99eca26da230 (“Platform/Hisilicon: update D06 system firmware description”)
  • 155d96478b30 (“Hisilicon/Silicon: Add dependence for AcpiPlatformDxe”)

The following non-upstream patches have been included in edk2-platforms:

The following non-upstream patch has been included in edk2-non-osi:

Platform Support

Platforms supported by this release include:

  • qemu-aarch32, qemu-aarch64 (mach-virt)
  • Hisilicon D03, D05, D06
  • ARM Foundation/FVP Base and SGI575 models

New in this release

  • Major changes to D06 port. Additional onboard firmware images need to be updated in lock-step with the system firmware, so no capsule is made available for this release – .hpm files are provided for upgrade via BMC. Once upgraded, the system firmware can no longer be downgraded to previous versions using capsules. Since the flash layout has changed, any stored firmware configuration will be lost at upgrade.
  • Fixes D05 MAC addresses missing in Linux
  • Fixes D06 USB crash issue

Known issues

LuvOS reports an error on capsule update tests. This is believed not to affect any real world deployments since all known mechanisms (including perform updates during boot services. This has been addressed by later upstream edk2 commit 2c0d39ac4704 (“MdeModulePkg/DxeCapsuleLibFmp: clone ESRT for runtime access”)

Building EDK2

For more instructions on how to build EDK2 from source, please see the edk2-platforms documentation.

For rebuilding this release:

$ git clone
$ cd rpf
$ git checkout rpf-19.03
$ ./

Building this release requires a recent version of acpica-tools. These binaries were generated using version 20181003, but versions 20180629 onwards are functional.