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The Linaro Binary Toolchain

The Linaro GCC 4.9-2016.02 Release is now available.

Notice: All Linaro GCC 4.9 series toolchain users should migrate to the latest version of the Linaro GCC 4.9 toolchain in order to mitigate potential security exposure to CVE-2015-7547. See the NEWS section below for details.

Download release packages from:

Previous snapshots and release-candidates are at:

Previous releases are at:

Host Requirements

Linaro officially supports the current and previous Ubuntu LTS releases (as of the time of this release). This does not mean that the toolchain will not work on other/older Linux distributions. See the following for the life-time of Ubuntu LTS releases.

The host system upon which the cross-compiler will run requires a minimum of glibc 2.14, because of API changes to glibc’s memcpy API.

Package Versions

Linaro GCC 4.9-2016.02

FSF eglibc 2.19 (eglibc.git/linaro_eglibc-2_19)

Linaro newlib 2.1.0-2014.09 (linaro_newlib-branch)

Linaro binutils 2.24 (linaro_binutils-2_24-branch)

FSF GDB 7.10 (gdb-7.10-branch)

Linaro Linux Version 3.17-2014.10 (linux-linaro-3.17-2014.10)

Linaro toolchain package git branches are hosted at:

NEWS for Linaro GCC 4.9-2016.02

  • The armv8l-linux-gnueabihf targetted toolchain is now built using —with-mode=thumb (like all of the other cross toolchains) rather than the default which is ARM mode.
  • Applied fix for CVE-2015-7547 – A stack-based buffer overflow in glibc’s getaddrinfo() was corrected in glibc 2.23 and backported into Linaro eglibc 2.19 (linaro_eglibc-2_19).

  • See the following Linaro GCC snapshot:

Contact Linaro

File bugs at

For Linaro member support see

For Linaro community support email